Why Should Executives have a Digital Presence?

Companies spend millions creating humanized and authentic brands, but nothing is more human than a person. Potential clients and customers are more likely to engage with a person than a brand. Strong talent seeks strong leaders. Investors invest in management teams. Your top executives are the common thread.


Insightful and relatable thought leaders are the key to winning share of heart and share of mind online. Investing in executive influence is the next frontier to generate stronger social media returns for your business.


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What We Do

Influential Executive uses a proprietary methodology to develop an authentic social media presence for company leaders that humanizes the brand and impacts the bottom line.


We apply our expert knowledge of executive social media strategy to a mix of company messages, thought leadership content, and personal insight to connect executives online with the audiences that matter most to their business.

How We’re Different

We set and achieve actionable business goals for our clients using our proprietary Social Intelligence Optimization (SIO) to measure and optimize content performance:

  • Our Social Intelligence Optimization tool collects, categorizes and analyzes datasets to help us make thoughtful marketing decisions for each executive’s social media presence
  • These SIO findings drive our strategy and allow us to position our clients as credible thought leaders and set their profiles apart from the rest

Influential Executive Methodology

Diagnostic & Strategy

We start with our proprietary diagnostic to understand current and desired future state for our clients. We work with executives and their marketing teams to understand objectives, thought leadership focus areas, core company values, and passion projects. We create the right strategy to impact the business and brand, as well as other social causes of importance to the executive.

Content Creation

Once we’ve defined our strategy, we develop a content plan that drives toward your objectives. We leverage available thought leadership content and insights, supplemented by robust research and original content development where needed. We ensure all content is authentic to each executive, and define the necessary approval process to satisfy executive and regulatory requirements.

Management & Analytics

Once content is developed, we manage social execution in collaboration with your marketing team. This includes content posting, community management, influencer engagement, targeted paid amplification and reporting. We establish key performance indicators (KPIs) aligned to company objectives during the first 3 months of working together and monitor progress on a monthly basis.


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Case Studies

Cisco Stealthwatch


Promoting Visibility of and Sparking Interest in the Stealthwatch Product

Establishing Influence in Wealth Management


Positioning the CEO of an Investment Management Firm as an Industry Expert


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