Executive Social Media Management

The research is clear — executive social media drives more engagement.

Customers, talent, investors, and partners prefer engaging with executive social media accounts over brand accounts. 

We bring over a decade of social media and digital presence experience to the table, creating targeted social media programs for executives on behalf of their brand.

Executive Content Creation

Development of both short and long-form content by our in-house team, all carefully curated to your industry, interests, and voice, including:

  • Blog posts
  • Video scripting
  • Podcasts
  • Social media content

Whiteglove Management

End-to-End Social Media Management for Executives

  • Executive branding services
  • Digital content creation services
  • Social media management
  • Ongoing optimization and analytics

Collaborative Management

  • Flexible packages
  • Tailored to work with in-house marketing teams or executives who want a hands-on approach

Collaborative approach with teams and executives to build strategies and content that drive engagement and fulfill business goals

Our Process



We work to understand the executive and their personal brand, audience, and goals.



We develop a strategy through channel selection, content mix, campaigns & KPIs.



We create and deploy branded copy and graphics using platform best practices.



We provide reporting on performance, identifying trends to inform future strategy and content.



We constantly make adjustments based on performance findings to achieve the greatest ROI.

Our Proprietary Advantage

When developing our social media management packages and strategies, we don’t rely on guessing when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we looked beyond the analytical software the current market offers and created our own in-house tool from the ground up. Our proprietary Social Intelligence Optimization (SIO) technology provides data-driven clarity when it comes to analyzing performance patterns and trends.

Our SIO tool collects, categorizes, and analyzes datasets to help make thoughtful marketing decisions for each executive’s social media presence. Thanks to this in-depth data, we are able to set and achieve actionable business goals for our clients by developing a custom social media strategy.

Social Media Training

For Marketing Teams

We get it. While you may have the time and in-house resources, social media for executives is much different from marketing a brand

Led by our personal branding strategists, we offer in-depth executive social media management training catered to marketing teams who are ready to launch their own executive posting initiatives. 

We provide executive social best practices, one-on-one time with our experts, and we can advise on a strategy for your executive branding.

For Executives

We work with entrepreneurs or executives at companies of all sizes (including start-ups!) who either don’t have the resources of a marketing department or simply want to manage their social presence themselves.

Our social media training for executives includes resources on:

  • Growing your network and audience organically with executive visibility strategies
  • Thought leadership consulting
  • Developing best practice content that will resonate with your audience using thought leadership strategies