Establishing Thought Leadership Within a New Market Space

The Challenge

The CEO of a company providing innovative solutions targeting workforce risk assessments and background screening approached our team with the purpose of building his thought leadership while improving his company’s visibility. 

Just four months before partnering with us, the executive had a very small following on his LinkedIn account. Our team understood that effectively positioning an executive not only requires utilizing best practices and developing strategic content but also ensuring that an account has a sufficient following to better position an individual as a thought leader. 

Several months into the program, we supported the executive as part of his company split to form its own separate entity, with him leading as the CEO for both. 

The Action

Given that the executive’s innovative product sought to revolutionize the way HR professionals typically handled insider threats or the way businesses handled PII (personally identifiable information), it was important to ensure that the content was both engaging and informative. Our team developed social media posts that targeted the pain points of the executive’s audience, building a strong foundation for the company’s products. 

We launched proactive audience growth activities to increase the executive’s connections and followers. This included researching relevant groups and developing tactics to build relationships with active LinkedIn community members as a way to boost engagement with the posts. Our activities resulted in a 162% increase in followers. 

To support the launch of the executive’s new company, our team was able to quickly pivot and recontextualize the content calendar, ensuring that distinct messaging for both companies was delivered strategically, addressing both the target audiences and their needs. 

The Action

A C-suite executive of a multi-billion dollar company in the telecom space wanted to use his LinkedIn platform to promote different initiatives his company was engaged in. As someone who is deeply passionate about bridging the digital divide and improving sustainability, he wanted his content to authentically embody his company’s values and mission statement. Understanding that telecom companies don’t always have the best reputation among customers, he wanted to use his online presence to improve the company’s image.

The Results

162% increase in followers


Increased impressions by over 50%


Increased engagements by 100%

Step-by-step guide to getting your executives on social media


Thought Leadership in the Age of Social Media

A Guide to Successfully Building Executive Social Presence

While the benefit of a strong corporate social presence is indisputable, recent research shows that we should be shining a spotlight on the leaders behind those brands as well. 


Getting your leadership team started on social media can feel like a daunting task with a myriad of unique risks and challenges, but this whitepaper provides practical advice and can serve as your playbook to get started.