article image featuring a group of business people in a group and the artitle title Accelerate Your Executive’s Online Influence

Accelerate Your Executive’s Online Influence

A company’s online presence can be just as valuable as the company’s social media pages. However, whether you’re dealing with a busy CEO who doesn’t have time to create social media content or you’re just not as familiar with executive social media as you are with other digital marketing strategies, there may be many obstacles preventing you from successfully launching a social media presence for your executives.

The good news is that there are ways to fast-track your CEO’s social media presence in order to quickly build their online profile and start driving towards business objectives.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to launch a strategic executive social media program is to partner with experts who have done it before! In our previous articles, we outline ways marketers can leverage executive social media agencies for content creation and social media strategy, so in this article, we focus on the aspect of convenience.


Time is Money!

A marketer’s time is valuable and, chances are, they have more on their plate than they can handle. Adding an entire social media program for their company’s executive (or sometimes executives), while worth it, can be challenging.

One of the benefits of working with personal branding strategists is that many agencies offer white-glove service, meaning full management of the executive social program. This saves marketers a lot of time and effort so they have more time to spend on other priority tasks.

Marketers don’t have to come up with a process to get their executive on social media, but can leverage their partner agency to provide a strong basis for the digital marketing program.


A Collaborative Approach

At some organizations, the marketing team may be an expansive department with multiple people, each specializing in a different part of the company’s marketing program. At other companies, the marketer may be just a team of one. For both, digital marketing agencies can provide much-needed expertise and legwork when it comes to launching a digital personal branding strategy for executives.

Consider the agency as an extension or partner of the marketing team. While the in-house marketer may be aware of what’s happening at the brand level, the agency can help translate that into the executive’s social media content in a way that is engaging. Working together collaboratively can drive an executive’s content toward key objectives. 

Another way working with an external agency can accelerate your executive’s online influence is that they’re already well aware of the different elements of a successful executive social media program. They have processes in place, such as how to translate an executive’s tone to social media, how to manage confidentiality, and other best practices.


Big Picture vs. Small Details

An executive social media program has many different moving parts and they can be categorized into two general categories:

  • “Big picture items” that direct the overall executive social media program. Examples include the general direction of social media content, the look and feel of graphics and videos, and the major business objectives that the executive’s presence should help achieve.
  • “Small detail items” are the more tactical, day-to-day activities. This includes follower growth activities, writing social media content, and proactive engagement (such as responding to comments).

In general, marketers at a company have time to provide the big-picture direction and are more suited for this role given that they’re familiar with their company’s goals. When it comes to the small detail items, this is best left to a partner agency that has developed efficient processes and clear strategies to tackle tasks like proactive engagement and content creation.


Lean on Experts to Fast-Track Your Executive’s Social Media Program

There are many steps to starting your executive’s social media program, but marketers don’t have to start at zero. Instead, partnering with a digital marketing agency experienced in personal branding can provide a strong foundation without the added stress.

If you’re ready to get started, download our guide below to start your executive’s social media presence in seven easy steps.