Article banner featuring image of a man in business suit and article title Should Executives Share Personal Content on Social Media?

Should Executives Share Personal Content on Social Media?

Should executives get “personal” on LinkedIn?

While it started out as a platform for professionals (and it mostly still is), you may have seen LinkedIn content that feels like it should be on another platform like Facebook, Instagram, or even TikTok.

LinkedIn is getting more personal — in fact, all social media platforms are (they’re just farther along than LinkedIn). But, with LinkedIn aiming to move away from “Facebook-style” posts and return to its business-oriented roots, this begs the question: Should executives share content that’s considered more “personal” on social media, even on a platform like LinkedIn?

We share our insights below and provide tips on the type of personal content that can be an effective part of your executive’s social media strategy.


Should Executives Share Personal Content on Social Media?

The short answer? Yes.

Now, for the long answer.

Some executives may shy away from posting content they see as “fluff,” believing that it has no real benefit to their online presence. However, this type of post does, in fact, have its advantages.

It humanizes the individual (and by extension, the company brand) and engages social media users on a more authentic and relatable level. Often, these types of posts garner much more engagement on average than a business-related post or an industry thought leadership post.

More personal posts also help to balance out insight-driven posts or content that is heavily branded. We have found that a diverse pool of content often leads to more engagement overall as certain content resonates more strongly with certain followers.


How Personal Is Too Personal?

Before marketers start planning out their company executive’s social media content, it’s important to understand how to strike a balance between personal posts and posts that drive toward business objectives (note that this is applicable in cases where executives do want to build their social media presence in a way that supports their company).

When posting personal content on an executive’s social media profile:

  • Don’t overshare. Less is more when it comes to personal content.
  • Be cautious of online safety and security. Don’t post pictures that may include sensitive or personal content.
  • Remember that social media is a public forum. Anyone can see the content.

While not a strict rule, it helps to think of it in this way: Stick to topics and content that an executive wouldn’t mind discussing with a colleague at work.


Examples of Personal Content For Executives on Social Media

For executives who want to share personal content on their social media, what are some good examples of effective, safe, and engaging ways to do this?

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Promote charity and volunteer events: This is an effective way to show the types of causes an executive (and, if applicable, the company) is engaged in. However, just make sure the messaging is focused on the actual cause and inspiring people to do good, rather than just giving yourself a pat on the back!
  • Talk about your hobbies: Share a photo of the latest book an executive is reading or a snapshot of the executive at a sporting event, for example. Social media users enjoy engaging with other people, and this type of content can make executives more approachable while also helping audiences better connect with them as a person.
  • Be interactive: For example, executives can ask their social media followers what their New Year’s resolutions are, or share a LinkedIn poll asking people what they think about a certain industry trend. This shows a vested interest in hearing from their followers, and timely content is always an excellent way to tap into popular topics. While many others may be posting about a similar topic, it’s not a bad thing for executives to include those topics in their own content as a way to tap into trending discussions.


Personal Content on Social Media Can Help Boost Authenticity

In this article, we focused on ways executives can share more personal content on their social media accounts. While personal content can help improve an executive’s authenticity and help humanize their company’s branding, be sure not to cross the line by being too controversial or posting content that may lead to arguments breaking out on the executive’s social media account.

For marketers who want to launch a strategic executive social media program for their company’s leadership team but are still unsure how to balance company-related content with an executive’s personal content, we can help! Click the button below and speak with one of our digital marketing experts.