Inspiring Others through Diversity and Language

Silvina Moschini is the trailblazing Argentinian businesswoman behind SheWorks!, a company that connects professional women with businesses; and TransparentBusiness, a software platform that helps companies manage their remote workforce. 

Moschini has been vocal about her efforts on how women can raise capital, overcome gender-based inequalities, and break free from oppressive and patriarchal ideologies about women in the corporate world. Not only does she use her social media platforms to encourage diversity in the corporate space, but she is dedicated to inspiring other women to achieve their professional goals as well. 

Today we’ll be analyzing Moschini’s presence on LinkedIn and Instagram and how as a Latinx woman of color, she is an inspiring example for other women and marginalized groups around the globe. 


Aligning with Brand Values on LinkedIn 


Moschini’s LinkedIn has over 41,000 followers. She uses this professional networking platform to align her businesses’ values with her personal views to the point where the two become interchangeable. 

Moschini’s social posts primarily consist of resharing posts from her brand’s page, SheWorks!, as well as third-party resources that are centered around uplifting women entrepreneurs. It’s clear that her personal values are the main driving force behind her business’ mission, which helps to position her as a passionate, authentic, and relatable leader. Executives should keep in mind that users resonate best with leaders who show personability and authenticity, so their social media content should reflect this where appropriate. 

Moschini also uses LinkedIn to promote women-centric events and online seminars, primarily ones that she is involved in, such as the post below on the Women Economic Forum. Executives who are involved in events should ensure they are providing links on their page so their followers can easily access and attend them. Sharing this type of content also shows that executives are active outside of their business. 



She also uses Linkedin to post job listings for her business, which helps to further show her dedication to providing opportunities for women. As well, LinkedIn is an ideal platform for this type of content since many users come to the site to apply for jobs or search for work opportunities. However, one thing executives should be careful about is this: when tagging accounts in the copy, make sure that the tag populates properly. In Moschino’s post below, she has not properly done so, which may decrease the discoverability of her post. 



Moschini also makes effective use of the Featured section on her LinkedIn profile, including LinkedIn Articles she has written, industry-specific sources, and video interviews that she has been featured in. The diverse array of mediums she utilizes here is an effective way to give followers a snapshot of her executive presence, personal and professional values, and accomplishments. Executives should make use of the Featured section and include a variety of content to give followers a more well-rounded and memorable summary of themselves. At the very least, including a link to their company’s main website is one way to further drive traffic.

The majority of Moschini’s personal posts on LinkedIn feature messaging that directly relate to her companies: inspiring and uplifting women entrepreneurs and promoting remote work.


Using Instagram to Empower Women 


Moschini also has a consistent Instagram presence. Her profile has over 10,000 followers and she uses this platform to post a mix of personal and business-related posts. 

Amidst her personal photos, which are an effective way for leaders to appear more approachable and relatable to followers, Moschini also includes inspirational quotes that focus on female empowerment. Here’s one she posted for Women Entrepreneurship Day: 



Moschini is also not afraid to voice her opinion about fighting against oppressive stereotypes of women. Here is one example: 



On this platform, Moschini takes a more personal approach, which is apt for Instagram since it’s primarily an entertainment and visual-based platform. LinkedIn, on the other hand, is traditionally geared towards professional and business-oriented content.

Many of Moschini’s Instagram posts use specific hashtags such as #womenempoweringwomen and #womenempowerment. Using these hashtags helps to create a clear, consistent tone and purpose on her page. Executives who make use of platforms like Instagram should determine what they want their profile’s overarching purpose to be. This will make planning content easier as well as make it clear to followers what they can expect from that profile. 


Language Translation on Social Media 


Upon viewing Moschini’s social profiles, it is quickly apparent that her post copy is written in Spanish more often than it is in English. As a prominent executive, her use of Spanish will resonate more with her Latinx and Hispanic audiences. This is especially relevant for those who are looking for more cultural and linguistic representation in the mainstream business world. 

For executives who want to be on social media but don’t speak English or prefer not to post in English, don’t let this deter you: platforms like LinkedIn offer immediate translations, which can help your content reach a wider audience. Social media users simply have to click “See Translation” to see the content in their preferred language. This allows for widespread accessibility. LinkedIn’s translation service is powered by Microsoft Text Analytics API, which also provides translations for Skype, Office, and Bing. 

On this note, it’s important to bear in mind that on platforms like Instagram, the “See Translation” option is only available on mobile devices and is currently not available on desktop. For executives who want to post in different languages, we recommend that you research what translation options are available on each platform




Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, various studies and news sources have observed that female leadership has been essential to effectively handling the crisis. Executives like Moschini, who uses an inclusive approach to advocate for other women on her platforms, help to break oppressive gender barriers and inspire others.

Moschini’s social media strategy highlights her personal values. If you are an executive looking to transition to social media and you’re looking to figure out what strategy works for you, we can help. Click the button below to schedule a conversation with our social media experts.