The NBA's executives social media slam dunk

The NBA’s Execs Social Media Slam Dunk

The NBA playoffs have become a trending topic on Twitter as we get closer to the finals. Certain CEOs and executives have gone to Twitter to share their thoughts on the ongoing games. Executives involved in the NBA such as Micky Arison, Brandon Schneider, and Cynt Marshall have tweeted in support of their teams as the playoffs continue. 

In this article, we will look at the top Tweets from these influential executives and how discussing trending topics on social media such as the NBA playoffs has also been beneficial for their brands. 


Micky Arison 

Chairman of Carnival Corporation Micky Arison took ownership of the Miami Heat in 1995. This week, the Miami Heat is playing the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. In light of this, Arison has used his Twitter account to support his team and spread positive messages about the Heat. 

In this Tweet, Arison is cheering on the team and using relevant hashtags. Users responded by sharing their excitement and congratulating Arison on a good team. The hashtags that Arison uses throughout his Tweets are great for creating a community of fans on social media. #HEATNation and #WearWhite encourages fans to participate and share their own stories or wear white to support the Miami Heat. His Tweet above appeared at the top of the trending Miami Heat topic and received 1,500 more likes than his other Tweets from the same week that didn’t relate to the NBA, giving him and his brand much more exposure than usual. 

Brandon Schneider


Brandon Schneider is the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Golden State Warriors, who are playing against the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals. Schneider uses his Twitter for a slightly more business-centered approach. He tweets about successes within his franchise such as players voted for NBA Community Assist, achievements for the G League Warriors, and mentions his podcast interviews. In the Tweet above, Schneider is thanking the mayor of San Francisco for supporting the team. 

This approach on Twitter is great for showing the love of his team and the success of his business. Since the playoffs have started Schneider has posted more quote Tweets with his own personal message about the games. Before the playoffs, Schneider usually retweeted posts from the Golden State Warriors without his own comments. By putting a personal message in his Tweets, Schneider seems more authentic and involved in the NBA playoffs.  


Cynt Marshall


CEO of the Dallas Mavericks, Cynt Marshall, has been more active on Twitter as her team competes in the playoffs. Marshall has been consistently reposting important information from the main Mavericks Twitter page and participating in the passion by sharing her excitement about the games. She is also using trending hashtags such as #dALLasIN to encourage fan participation and engagement. By using these hashtags, Marshall’s Tweets are put right where fans are looking for accounts to follow and support. Similar to Schneider, Marshall does not generally add her own input to her retweets. By commenting on her own excitement for the games, fans have been more engaged and have liked her Tweets more. 


Are you an executive that loves what your company does? Talk about it, tweet about it, and share your support for your favorite team with your followers. During the playoff season, anyone who wants to keep up with the sports news is going to Twitter for updates. A fan seeing influential executives sharing love for their favorite game can increase the executives’ relatability and encourage users to interact with your account. Take part in the trending hashtags relating to your team and grow your social media to followers who want to hear your excitement about the NBA and other trending topics. 


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