Alec Hanson

Alec Hanson: Passionate about Social Media

Social media has become one of the most effective platforms for creating and fostering connections. Many consumers use these platforms to interact with brands and even company executives. On the other hand, more CEOs and business leaders are establishing their online presence to take advantage of all the benefits social media has to offer.

One example is the senior vice president of loanDepot, Alec Hanson, who has leveraged the power of building relationships on social media. His success across several platforms has led to a Forbes feature, How Every Leader No Matter The Industry Can Adopt Social Media, which details how he is effectively using social media for his business.

In this article, we analyze Hanson’s social media strategy and explain what makes his online presence so successful. 


Creating Connections Authentically 

Alec Hanson has a comprehensive strategy across every major social media platform you can think of, including Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. Finding an executive with an active presence on each of these platforms is quite rare! It is apparent that he is passionate about social media as it’s one of the main topics he discusses on his platforms.

Hanson wants to help others build their platforms to create connections authentically — especially those in the mortgage industry. Take a look at the example below where he shares his expertise on how to create social media campaigns. He injects his video content with a lot of humor, which makes him come across as passionate and personable. His entertaining and educational content keeps the viewer’s interest throughout the entire video.

Being passionate about a topic is sometimes difficult to bring forward through text alone. That’s why Hanson has a large range of video content and it’s what we believe makes his online presence so compelling. His Instagram is made up of engaging videos — which is a major benefit at a time when this platform is prioritizing video content. Social media users can see the energy he brings to the table. 

This is one of the reasons why we encourage executives to make video content. Video is one of the most engaging formats. Platforms like TikTok and Instagram continue to set video trends, which shape the type of content that social media users want to see. 

Being authentic is Hanson’s key to success, stating, “There’s an audience for everyone. Be yourself and connect to clients and partners that connect with your personality and passions.”


It’s Not About Being Viral — It’s About Being Consistent 

Executives new to social media often equate the number of “likes” and other KPIs (key performance indicators) with success. However, there’s more to having an effective social media presence than just looking at the metrics. 

Hanson says, “You don’t need to go viral – just be consistent. If your one video only gets 200 views — that’s more than you would get at one open house. It’s easy, just trust the process.” While he’s optimistic about social media usage, he mentioned that one of its drawbacks is that people “chase” likes and forget how to use these platforms to build meaningful relationships.

Hanson notes that being consistent is key to succeeding on social media — and we couldn’t agree more. We always recommend that executives new to social media platforms create a consistent posting schedule that they can keep up with. For example, while we recommend that executives post around three times a week on LinkedIn, starting with one post per week is an effective way to get accustomed to the platform when they’re first starting out.


Authenticity Across Multiple Platforms

So, what makes Hanson so effective on social media? He has crafted an authentic presence across numerous platforms, using different features on different social media sites effectively to discuss topics he’s passionate about. Sharing advice and industry expertise is an effective way to gain a following. 

While there may be those who think social media may not “work” in their industry, Hanson believes otherwise. He has positioned himself as a thought leader in his industry and uses his platforms to share valuable and unique content. In the Forbes article, Hanson states, “Connecting with people has never been easier. We just have to use the tools we have.” For many executives, choosing the right platform is often the first step. To learn more, read our guides: 


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