Elissa Liu

CEO, Influential Executive and Spark Growth


Elissa Liu is the founder and CEO of Influential Executive and sister company Spark Growth. 

She began her career as a management consultant at Deloitte Consulting. Drawing on her experience in digital strategy and data analytics, she went on to found Spark Growth in 2011 — an award-winning health and wellness growth marketing agency that creates tailored, results-driven social media growth and acquisition programs for brands in complex, highly regulated industries.

Third-party data showed that people are more interested in engaging with people, including company leaders, than with brands on social media.

In early 2018, Elissa and her team noticed two things. 

  1. B2B clients, internal marketing teams, and PR teams were beginning to look for expert support in creating and managing their CEO and key executive social media accounts and finding very few firms with this expertise.
  2. Third-party data showed that people are more interested in engaging with people — including company leaders — than with brands on social media. 

Across the board, social media platform algorithms preferentially treated an individual’s content over brand content, giving them greater organic reach.

With these findings, Influential Executive was born. Elissa and her team spent a year in research and development mode, analyzing data and creating proprietary tools and frameworks that specifically focus on social media for leaders. They conducted original research studies and published numerous articles on their findings.

Elissa and her team applied these learnings to create the tools and processes Influential Executive uses with its clients to create, manage, and advise on leadership social media presence

She drew on her 15+ years of experience working with senior executives to define effective and realistic ways of engaging executives and their marketing teams in an efficient, tested process.

This collaborative approach incorporates each executive’s authentic voice and areas of interest and expertise, and is designed to complement the brand’s social presence.

Whether driving leads for a B2B executive or attracting talent and increasing positive sentiment for a B2C leader, Elissa has built the team and the tools necessary to move the dial on business objectives for clients.



    Getting your leadership team on board with social media may feel like a daunting task.

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    Thought Leadership in the Age of Social Media

    A Guide to Successfully Building Executive Social Presence

    While the benefit of a strong corporate social presence is indisputable, recent research shows that we should be shining a spotlight on the leaders behind those brands as well. 


    Getting your leadership team started on social media can feel like a daunting task with a myriad of unique risks and challenges, but this whitepaper provides practical advice and can serve as your playbook to get started.


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