Taking an Executive’s Social Media Presence to the Next Level

Developing a strategic online presence management program for an executive in the healthcare/medical industry

More executives and digital marketers are seeing the value of social media as an online presence management tool, not just for brands, but for a company’s executive as well. In one survey, 76% of executives said having an active social presence enhances an individual’s credibility in their field. The report also found that 86% of executives surveyed said being on social media results in a more positive reputation for the overall company brand.

Why is having a social media presence so important? It can result in both tangible and intangible results. For many digital marketers and executives, one of the main goals of an executive social media program is to generate leads and drive sales. On the other hand, intangible results, such as improving brand image and establishing the executive as a thought leader can help contribute to these business goals.

In this case study, we will be looking at how a consistent and targeted executive social media campaign can drive increased engagement and views using real stats pulled from one of our clients, a medical professional and global activist. While she had an established Twitter presence before we were brought in, we were able to take her online content to the next level, delivering improved results in key areas, such as engagement. On the other hand, her LinkedIn presence was not well established, which is a position many executives today find themselves in.

For many of our clients, the top obstacles holding them back from establishing a strong social media presence is lack of time and social media expertise.


Obstacles to Overcome

Before we look at two social media platforms we see many executives turn to, first let us look at some of the most common obstacles to overcome when it comes to creating, launching, and maintaining an executive social media program. Consistent posting is one of the things most executives struggle with. With little to no time to create original content, how exactly are busy executives supposed to reap the benefits of having a social media presence? That is where we come in. For many of our clients, the top obstacles holding them back from establishing a strong social media presence is lack of time and social media expertise.

For every executive, we create custom targeted social media programs that aligns with their business goals while also capturing their personality and tone of voice. We mentioned driving sales and generating leads as two examples of business goals, but other goals may have more to do with the executive and less about the company overall. In our other case study, we positioned an executive as a thought leader within his field.

Creating a Strategic Presence on Twitter

For many executives, Twitter is their go-to platform as it is easy to use and understand. However, although Twitter is one of the more established social media platforms, we still see many executives not adhering to best practices, such as forgetting to tag other users’ handles or less optimized hashtag usage.

For our client within the medical field, she had several social media accounts but lacked the time to work on curating and creating content to post across them all. Instead, she turned to us to fill in the gaps with a more consistent posting schedule that aligned with her business and personal goals. Twitter is one of the platforms where we developed a targeted social media strategy. This utilized her unique tone of voice, industry knowledge as a health expert, and vast experience as an international activist in order to position her as a leader within her field.

While she was active on Twitter before, our social media experts took her content to the next level. Comparing the month before we implemented the program to three months after, her Twitter account saw a 227% increase in profile visits, a 526% increase in the number of “likes” overall, an 850% increase in retweets, and a 1257% increase in link clicks. Content impressions also increased by 230%.

In terms of followers, before starting the social media program, our client saw large net follower decreases for two months. Since the implementation of the program, each month has seen an increase in follower growth, making up for the large follower loss in just one month’s time.

The Results

850% increase in retweets

329% increase in profile visits

526% increase in the number of likes

Social Presence Matters for Executives

Social media represents a powerful digital marketing tool more marketers and executives are turning to. As the public face for the company, executives have an opportunity to tap into social media not only to position themselves, but to complement their brand’s marketing efforts with their own organic content.

Online Presence Management on LinkedIn, the B2B Social Media King

LinkedIn is an effective platform for executives to connect with industry professionals, peers, and B2B prospects. There are several reasons why this particular social media platform is king when it comes to B2B connections. In one study, 94% of B2B marketers said they used LinkedIn for content marketing, while 89% said they used the platform for lead generation. In general, four out of five people on LinkedIn are those that influence business decisions, making it a prime space for executives to establish their online presence.

For our client, she did not have a well-established LinkedIn presence before we implemented her social media program. This was surprising given her business goals of generating leads, establishing herself as a knowledgeable figure within her industry, and her affiliations with several global organizations. Comparing the period before implementation with the average metrics after the program was established, her profile visits increased by 329% and have remained consistent each week. For this client in particular, we also focused on follower growth, achieving an increase of 185% over three months.

Shine a Light on the Leaders Behind Your Brand

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